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2022 Dec – Purchase process

So, I saw this van on the caravan sales website and the layout immediately attracted me even though it was a bit bigger that I had been looking at. I had been looking at 20-22′ caravans as conventional wisdom stated that it was difficult to get sites in caravan parks for bigger vans. on further inspection, it seemed that this was not really true especially when travelling out of holiday periods. So, the 24′ van seemed a good buy.

The only problem that the van was in Mackay, a town about 1000km north of us!!

Well, I contacted the owners and after a few exchanges, I decided to fly up for the day to inspect it. Which I did just before we were due to leave to a family holiday in New Zealand.

I spent the morning inspecting the caravan inside and out, top to bottom and could find no major faults. There were a few issues though – the tires, while in great condition were 14 years old, the water heater showed sigh’s of rust and would likely need to be replaced and that was all.

Taking this into account, I made an offer and left the owners to think about it. Not long after I got a counter offer which I accepted and paid the deposit with the arrangement that they would store the van for me till I was able to collect it later in January.